Adam Schiff Claims Mueller Is Draining The Swamp, INSTANTLY BACKFIRES

On Sunday, Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff was interviewed by NBC’S Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.

Schiff didn’t hold back when being asked about Robert Mueller’s probe and the latest plea agreement made by former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort.

Schiff said President Trump should be worried that Manafort may now release key information that could be damning to President Trump.

He even went as far as using a knockoff President Trump’s famous slogan “Drain The Swamp” when predicting what is to happen in days to come. And it instantly backfired as Trump supporters fired back.

Chuck Todd asked Schiff if Democrats get control back of Congress, will they clean up “the swamp?” Todd burned Dems because they failed last time they had control and instead let corruption roam free. As part of his response, Schiff said:

“What concerns me is Donald Trump said he’s going to drain the swamp. The only one draining the swamp is Bob Mueller. And Donald Trump is talking about pardoning the swamp.” VIDEO BELOW

Adam Schiff Says Mueller Is Draining The Swamp

And right after FOX News published their article discussing Schiff’s swamp comments, Twitter users immediately roasted Schiff.

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Here are some of our favorite responses to Schiff’s “Drain The Swamp” remarks:


Schiff Gets Destroyed (Continued)

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Looks like Schiff will have to come up with a better slogan rather than stealing from Trump! But we didn’t expect anything less out of him!

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