Sen Kennedy Shuts Down Dems Three Ring Circus After Revealing What’s Coming Next

On Sunday, Senate Judiciary Committee member John Kennedy (R-LA) joined Fox News in an interview with Chris Wallace discussing the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanuagh.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote this week to send the nomination of the Supreme Court of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate floor. (Video Below)

At the last minute, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) pulled a dirty trick on Judge Kavanaugh releasing a supposedly letter of sexual misconduct from his high school days.

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During the interview, Chris Wallace asked what Senator John Kennedy makes of the allegation brought against Kavanuagh.

Kennedy slammed Feinstein for holding onto the letter and said the situation is one where many of the facts of the case cannot be reviewed by the members of the committee. (Video Below)

Kennedy said, “Most Americans are looking at this and they’re thinking that Congress has hit rock bottom and started to dig.”

He said the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have devolved into an “intergalactic freakshow.”

“I’m fairly confident that our Founding Fathers did not intend the process to work this way,” he continued. (Video Below)

Kennedy added, “I have been embarrassed by the whole process and, frankly, I’m – no disrespect to Senator Feinstein or to Stanford Law School – but I’m a little bit offended. I sit on Judiciary Committee. They’ve had this stuff for three months. If they were serious about it, they should’ve told us about it.”

He also praised Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) explaining that he “did the best he could” to keep order during hearings ruined by Democrats who ignored rules and staged protests.

“The only thing missing was the genitalia-shaped headgear,” Kennedy said referring to protesters who wear pink hats by anti-Trumper’s.

Senator Kennedy believes all Republicans will vote “YES” on the House Floor along with at least two or more democrats despite the democrats failed tactics and clown show.



Are you ready to see Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed?

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