Geraldo Steps Forward, Knocks Mueller Back Up The Crooked Tree He Fell Out Of

In recent days, TV personality Geraldo Rivera has been spotted on social media sticking his neck out for Republicans and President Trump’s agenda.

This is something that is rarely seen out of his colleagues in the mainstream media, who often smear the America First agenda.

Not only has Geraldo shattered Democrat hopes in regards to Judge Kavanaugh, but he also took a swipe at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump, in a current tweet.

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Like many other Americans, the TV icon has had enough of Special Counsel Mueller’s ‘phony’ investigation into suspected Russian meddling.

Mueller’s Witch Hunt has gone on far too long and continues to drain tax dollars by the minute. And many wonder why it is even going on in the first place, which is the basis of Geraldo’s attack on the idea of a special counsel. Video Below

In a recent tweet, Rivera slammed the government for allowing a special counsel to exist, as The Constitution never mentions a word that such a thing is necessary.

Geraldo sounded off with:

“Special counsels should be outlawed. Like prohibition it’s an obsolete deeply regretted concept-If we don’t have faith in government, why have 100’s of 1000’s of civil servants? Why bring in new crew when the going gets tough? The Constitution does not mention special counsels.” Video Below

Geraldo Rivera’s Official Tweet:

Boom! The idea of a special counsel just got slam dunked in the swamp, where it likely came from!

Do you agree with Geraldo, that special counsels are Un-Constitutional and should be outlawed? Scroll down and let us know! We leave you with video of him discussing the Russia probe.