Trump Just Exposed Feinstein & Minions While Carrying Kav Closer To Finish Line

President Donald J. Trump completely calls it like he sees it. President Trump was and is a D.C. outsider unlike Senator Feinstein.

So when he gives his overview of what is happening on Capitol Hill – you can believe it is authentic. (MORE BELOW.) 

Feinstein tried to create a lefty delay and a character smear campaign on the Justice candidate.

The left would like to create a situation like they created with Anita Hill and Justice Thomas.

Except, this time – the Democratic playbook did NOT work.

Most Americans, can see right through the sloppy attempt of the accuser for what it truly is. A lame attempt at smearing a solid candidate.

The simple fact that Feinstein knew about the accusation months ago – and sat on it until the hearing was over – is suspect all in and of itself. (MORE BELOW.) 

President Trump tweeted about the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

President Trump tweeted, “Senator Feinstein and the Democrats held the letter for months, only to release it with a bang after the hearings were OVER – done very purposefully to Obstruct & Resist & Delay.”

Then POTUS ended with, “Let her testify, or not, and TAKE THE VOTE!”

Kavanaugh continues to deny the allegation against him and is willing to testify to Congress. The accuser; however, is not willing to testify at this point. (MORE BELOW.) 

Do you agree with President Trump? Should they give her the opportunity to be heard? And if she chooses not to take it – move on – and confirm the candidate?

See President Trump’s tweet below.