After Acosta Asks A ‘Ludicrous’ Question, Pompeo Thumps It Out Of New York

[Image source: MSNBC video screenshot.]

Jim Acosta from CNN had the honor of attending the United Nations, and he blew it by asking the most ridiculous question.

CNN is swimming in the swamp and sinking fast and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley put him squarely where he belonged. (VIDEO BELOW.)

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked about invoking the 25th Amendment.

Jim can be heard asking the dynamic duo, if they were aware of any discussions and if they were involved in any discussions of removing the President via the 25th amendment.

Nikki went first. She responded to Acosta that she made the statement many times on the Sunday shows.

But like every other time, Jim has to have everything repeated because he has retention loss.

She said AGAIN for him, “I have never once been in the White House where that conversation has happened. I am not aware of ANY Cabinet Members that are even talking about that. It is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ABSURD. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“No-one is questioning the President at all. If anything, we’re trying to keep up the pace with him. In the fact that – he has a lot he wants to accomplish very quickly. And we are going to continue to support him in the way that he does it,” Haley said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo polished CNN’s Jim Acosta off. He walked up to the podium – and FACT CHECKED Acosta right there at the microphone!

After he set Jim straight about the length of time he has served the President – from day one – Pompeo with a huge confident smile on his face – continued to put Acosta face first into the swamp water! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Pompeo said, “No discussion with me about the 25th Amendment anywhere either. So – you can now report that there are TWO Senior leaders that have said that your statement – er  your question – is LUDICROUS.”

WATCH BELOW as Pompeo and Haley serve Jim Acosta his swampy question back at him.