Megyn Kelly Triples Down In Defense Of Kavanaugh As New Allegations Surface

[Image source: ABC News Twitter video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Megyn Kelly’s ratings are tanking on NBC, but on Monday, she mentioned President Trump and she agrees with him regarding Kavanaugh.

Interestingly, Megyn had the same opinion with President Trump when he said the latest allegations are “totally political.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Megyn Kelly TRIPLES down on her support for Kavanaugh.

Kelly said, “‘Whether you believe these women or you don’t,” because “it’s a supreme court confirmation hearing,” it is totally political.

The panel which included, a PBS host of In Principle, Amy Holmes aggressively advocated for an FBI investigation.

Megyn told them what the FBI does in an investigation by saying, “Is this person a National security threat… is what they are trying to figure out. They are not trying to figure out all your bad deeds. They’re not a super-secret special police force to investigate super-secret really bad things the nominee may have done.”

“That’s why we have congressional investigators,” Kelly told the audience. “The Republicans actually ARE investigating the Christine Blasey Ford allegations, and the Democrats have REFUSED to do so.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Will Blasey show up on Thursday to testify in front of Congress?

“They’re standing there and protesting that the FBI needs to do it. Which doesn’t really help us,” Megyn Kelly said.

“She’s going to show up and testify…maybe,” on Thursday, Megyn told the audience and panel.

What do you think? Will Blasey show up to testify in front of Congress on Thursday?  (VIDEO BELOW.)

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WATCH as Megyn triples down on supporting Kavanaugh.