In Sixty Seconds Flat, Bongino Points Directly Into Camera & Humiliates Flake

Senator Jeff Flake, the RINO (Republican In Name Only) from Arizona stayed true to his nickname! And Dan Bongino points out Flake’s game-plan for those who wish to see it!

In what can only be described as a heartbreaking back-stab to the Republican party, Dan breaks down Flake’s action on Friday during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Bongino joined Fox News on Friday to discuss Jeff Flake and his sell-out move!

Bongino stated clearly, “Jeff Flake has NO SPINE.” He said what “nobody can say…right now.”

Dan explained, “They’re under this illusion that Jeff Flake is somehow going to back them up on the Senate floor when there’s a Floor vote.”

The committee voted on Friday 11-10 to go through with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The confirmation will next go to the full vote on the Senate floor.

Instead, Bongino explained what took place to change the time-line of the confirmation. He said, “Here’s what’s going on here. Here’s what Jeff Flake, in fact, did.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Bongino referenced Lindsey Graham’s  POWERFUL TRUTH telling statement on the floor.

The former Secret service agent said, “The Democrats needed a moment of clarity to get passed Lindsey Graham’s EXPLOSIVE VOLCANIC Floor statement.”

He said that Senator Graham “provided EVERYBODY with a real account – for once – of what is actually going on.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

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Bongino pointed the truth out to the audience, “the democrats had to desperately get passed that. They needed a delay. They know [*amn] good and well this FBI investigation is going to do nothing to provide any clarity to this situation at all.” 

Then Dan said, “And Jeff Flake gave it to them. He SOLD OUT THE GOP.”

WATCH as Dan Bongino calls it like he sees it!

Was Flake punked by Soros or is he the weakest linked to be soft threatened?

Jeff Flake claimed he was harassed by a protester in the elevator. Afterward, he was so RATTLED – that he then and only then – asked for a delay.

What did the Soros linked protester say to Jeff Flake in the elevator? It does make one wonder!

Laura Ingraham tweeted: “SOROS STRIKES AGAIN: Flake screamer/assault victim is co-exec. dir. of the Soros-funded left-wing group Center for Democracy & Center for Democracy Action Fund.”