Two Red State Dem Senators In Severe Danger Of Losing Their Seats As Kav Vote Looms

In two red States, where Trump won by a landslide during the 2016 election, Senators who choose to vote with their party instead of their constituents on Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, may find themselves without a seat in D.C. after the 2018 midterms.

With slightly more than a month to go, two polls indicate Democrat Senator’s who are running for their seats in Missouri and North Dakota midterms – may lose to the Republicans. (MORE BELOW.)

Missouri incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (D) is behind Josh Hawley (R).

In the 2016 Presidential Missouri election – President Trump won in a landslide victory and grabbed up 10 electoral votes. He beat the Democrat nominee – Hillary Clinton – by close to twenty points! 57.1% for Trump and 38% to Clinton.

Claire McCaskill announced her vote on September 19th to vote AGAINST Kavanaugh.

A local paper –The Missouri Scout – held a poll. The results found that McCaskill lost her lead over Josh Hawley (R). He is a Republican State Representative running for her Senate seat.

Brietbart reported, “The Missouri Scout Poll results suggests that the momentum of the race may be swinging against McCaskill and towards Hawley, and her decision to oppose the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the reason for that change. (MORE BELOW.)

North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer (R) is leaps and bounds ahead of incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D).

During the 2016 election in North Dakota, President Donald J. Trump won that State with a whopping 35.8% lead! Trump took all 3 electoral votes and beat Clinton resoundingly cleaning up 63% of the votes to her 27.2%

The Valley News Live, the NBC-TV affiliate in Fargo, North Dakota held a poll. It appears Senator Heidi Heitkamp will lose her seat too. Kevin Cramer – the Republican is giving her a run for her money. How she votes on the Kavanaugh confirmation might be her make or break moment.

Breitbart reported, “Heitkamp is one of two Democrat senators who have not yet announced how they will vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The full Senate is expected to vote up or down on his confirmation this Friday.” (MORE BELOW.)

In closing, it is the States where President Trump won that Democrats must be very careful on how they vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.