GAME CHANGER? Two Key Members Of Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Mysteriously Jump Ship

Mueller’s witch hunt probe is shrinking! Little by little – his team is peeling off and headed for greener pastures.

Millions of tax dollars later, the Mueller probe has turned up a big GOOSE EGG with Russian collusion and the Trump campaign. (MORE BELOW.)

Just in time for Halloween, the Witch Hunt loses two members of the hunting team!

Two members who were working on the Manafort portion of the case, are leaving.

The Manafort indictments had nothing to do with President Trump and were from the year 2012. Many years before Manafort was briefly a part of the Trump campaign.

“Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special counsel’s office, confirmed in an email to The Hill that Kyle Freeny and Brandon Van Grack are leaving the probe,” The Hill reported.

The two prosecutors who are leaving the witch hunt, were “not a result of disciplinary measures,” per CNN. (MORE BELOW.)

Mueller’s team is disintegrating. From a team of 15 now down to UNLUCKY number 13!

At the end of August, US4Trump reported “the facts are coming out at lightening speed and Mueller’s witch hunt crew just went from 17 to 15! The angry democrats are jumping off the Mueller ship!”

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Mueller’s team lost two in August and now two in October! In closing, maybe their departures will keep the tax payer cost down! (MORE BELOW.)

Are you glad to see the Mueller witch hunt team winding down?