Sarah Wipes Smirk Off Reporters Face After He Accuses Trump Of Mocking Ford

On the heels of President Trump’s rally in Mississippi Tuesday evening, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was at work behind the podium during the press briefing!

She fielded question after question as the MSM wanted to run the narrative once again. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sarah SLAMS CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Sarah called on Acosta and he immediately tried to spin President Trump’s words last night at the rally! You can hear Jim say, “It was pretty obvious that President Trump was mocking Chirstine Blasey Ford last night.”

Sarah continued to look down and flip some papers…waiting for Jim to throw down his nonsense so he she could set him straight!

Jim continued and said, “He said, ‘How did you get home – I don’t remember. How did you get there? I don’t remember. Where is this place? I don’t remember.'” Acosta then said, “Uh…he seemed to be – at the delight of the crowd – to be mocking her – repeatedly.”

Now – look what Jim tried to do. First, he value signaled. Practically declaring that the Democrats are better because President Trump is mocking a sexual abuse victim. AND – all Trump supporters are also worse than Democrats – because they were delighted.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sarah set his twisted narrative straight. FACTS always melt the Democrats to puddles of swampy tears.

She said, “It seemed to me, he was stating FACTS. That Dr. Ford herself, laid out in her testimony.”

Sarah then laid into the reporters and reminded them that they have been picking apart Judge Kavanaugh’s words and not touching ALL of the inconsistencies in Ford’s testimony.

After Sarah rolled through all of the details she said, “every single bit of evidence and FACTS that we’ve seen in this moment…have supported Judge Kavanaugh’s case. And the President simply pointed out the FACTS OF THE MATTER.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sarah went back and forth with John and Jim and ended with a HILARIOUS THROW DOWN.

Jim was still in FULL VIRTUE SIGNAL MODE. Acosta said, “You don’t have any problem with this?”

She stated, “I don’t have ANY problems stating FACTS. No.”

Then she finished tucking Jim safely into the swamp and said “I know that’s something you probably do have a problem with…but I don’t.” BOOM! FACTS MATTER!

WATCH as Sarah wipes the smirk off of Acosta’s face!