Before Voting, McConnell Stood Up & Hit Democrat Senators Where It Hurts The Most

Today, the Senate voted 51 to 49 in the cloture vote on Capitol Hill to advance a “stunningly well qualified Judge to our highest court ,” Majority Leader McConnell said.

In the chambers, prior to the vote McConnell gave a run down of the “disgraceful spectacle of the last two weeks,” and whipped out a “keystone cops” reference! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Moments ago President Trump tweeted:

“Very proud of the U.S. Senate for voting “YES” to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh!” President Trump tweeted.

The vote for the full confirmation will be held Saturday around 4pm or 5pm Eastern. The Senators might vote differently during the Saturday vote. So – it’s not over – yet!

The Senator’s to watch are Murkowski, Manchin, Flake and Collins.

If there is a tie Saturday, then Vice President Pence will break the tie. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Senator Mitch McConnell hands the Democrat’s a BIG can of whoop….

Before the vote, McConnell set the entire chamber straight.

It was noted that the seriousness of this vote was well understood.

Unusually, most of the Senators were seated solemnly at their desks as McConnell spoke. Typically, they are known to walk around. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Majority Leader said:

When we vote later this morning, we will not only be deciding whether to elevate a stunningly-qualified judge to our highest court. Not anymore. Not after all this. The United States Senate will also be making a statement. We will either state that partisan politics can override the presumption of innocence. Or we will reaffirm that, in the United States of America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

Then McConnell said, “They have harmed a good man and the reputation of this institution … Facts matters, fairness matters,” he said as the vote was about to begin.

The Majority Leader then reiterated the facts, he said, “Witnesses didn’t witness anything. They have spoken to the FBI. And what we know now is what we knew a week ago, there is no corroboration on these allegations.” 

Then in an hilarious statement, McConnell said, “All the Keystone Cops were on the case.” McConnell was joking about the Democrats and media trying to prove the unprovable false allegations against Kavanaugh that he was some sort of serial rapist in High School.

CBS News reported, “Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell criticizes Democrats’ handling of Kavanaugh nomination: “Keystone cops were on the case… and Senate Democrats cheered them on. They read parts of this uncorroborated mudslide into the Senate record.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH the full Senator McConnell cloture vote record below! 

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