After A Bruising Fight, The Senate Stood Up & Made The Country Proud

Saturday, the Senate confirmed Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and conservatives stood up for the presumption of innocence.

It was one of the most intense partisan battles in history over a high court seat that seemed more like a circus show. (Video Below)

The vote was 50-48.

Senator, Lisa Murkowski, (R-AK) voted present to accommodate absent Sen. Steve Daines, (R-MT) who attended his daughter’s wedding. Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted for Kavanaugh.

President Trump celebrated Kavanaugh’s confirmation as he boarded Marine One in the first leg of a trip to Kansas for a campaign rally.

“He’s going to be a great, great Supreme Court justice,” The President declared. “It’s an exciting time!” (Video Below)

Senators gathered in the chamber and voted from their seats on Kavanaugh’s nomination as thousands of protesters gathered outside the Capitol, Supreme Court, and on the surrounding streets whining and crying.

After the vote the President wasted no time and tweeted:

“I applaud and congratulate the U.S. Senate for confirming our GREAT NOMINEE, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to the United States Supreme Court. Later today, I will sign his Commission of Appointment, and he will be officially sworn in. Very exciting!”

(Video Below)

Watch Vice President Mike Pence announce Kavanaugh’s confirmation!