Reporter Demands Trump Ditch His PA Rally Due To Hurricane, Instantly Gets Shot Down

[Image source: PBS News hour video screenshots. Traipsing Thru Films Youtube video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

President Trump is scheduled for another rally this evening! He will be in Erie, Pennsylvania. And will hold two more in Lebanon, Ohio and Richmond, Kentucky in the following two days.

During a health care bill signing presser – a reporter tried to switch the focus onto President Trumps’ rally and Hurricane Michael. (VIDEO BELOW.)

What are the health care bills President Trump is signing?  

There are two bills. They are about drug prices. Currently a pharmacy does not have to tell us how much a drug costs.

The two bills signed today by President Trump, “allow U.S. pharmacists to disclose drug prices to customers.”

Pharmacist can now discuss pricing with customers “to help them save money.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

During the Health care bill signing a reporter tried to shift the narrative!

A reporter asked about the Rally tonight in Pennsylvania and tried to pit Hurricane Michael against the rally!

The reporter thought it was “wrong and inappropriate” for the President “to go on a campaign trip” during the storm!

As the saying goes, you can fool some of the people some of the time – but – not all of the people all of the time! (VIDEO BELOW.)

We have your number crooked media!

President Trump – as always – was breathtakingly transparent. He said, “Well, I hear there are thousands of people lined up.

He said he didn’t want to disappoint anyone since some rally goers were lined up “since last night.”

President Trump went on to say it wouldn’t be fair to fine folks in Pennsylvania to cancel. He did say that it is a “difficult situation” and discussed how the “people are ready in Florida, and frankly, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina” for Hurricane Michael.

If our duly elected America First President didn’t go to the rally. Then he wouldn’t be able to talk directly to American’s and deliver his America First  message! (VIDEO BELOW.)

The democrats would love nothing more than to silence President Donald J. Trump! 

WATCH President Trump give the reporter a reality check who suggested he not go to the rally due to Hurricane Michael.