Just Days After Taylor Swift’s Endorsement, Bredesen’s Campaign Suffers A Major Blow

Marsha Blackburn is stomping her Democratic competition in the race for the Senate seat in the great State of Tennessee.

Tennessee voted for Donald J. Trump in the 2016 Presidential election 61% over Hillary’s 35%. He stomped her by 26 percentage points! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Tennessee knows what’s up and the Democrat’s sneaky tricks are revealed!

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn served on the Tennessee Senate and is running for the United States Senate seat.

Marsha is a supporter of Donald J. Trump and would vote in D.C. on Trump’s America First agenda and economic policies.

Her Democratic competition, Bredesen (D-TN) who is failing miserably in the polls against Blackburn ran against her as a “moderate Democrat”.

The Democrats were hoping to peel off votes. The Democrat even went so far as to publicly announce that he would vote FOR KAVANAUGH if he were  a D.C. Senator. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Democrats’ true intention revealed. Once in D.C. he would vote AGAINST Kavanaugh. The proof is below.  

James O’Keefe and his team, went into the Democrat’s campaign and what his field people said will STUN you. Or maybe not.

Democrats are known for lying and hypocrisy. Will Stewart, Field Organizer for the Democrat campaign busted Bredesen out.

When asked about how the Democrat Senate hopeful could possibly vote for Kavanaugh, Will said, “He wouldn’t. But he’s saying he would. It’s politics.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

What do the Democrats gain by LYING to the voters of Tennessee?

The interviewer then asked, “What’s to gain by saying ‘yes'” that he would vote FOR KAVANAUGH if he wouldn’t once he was in D.C.?

The field organizer responded, “Moderate Republicans.”

The staff and the Democrat Senate hopeful appear to have a low opinion of Tennessee voters.Preview (opens in a new window)

When asked if he would lose voters if he says “YES”  the field agent said, “Oh. Straight up. Yeah.”

The interviewer asked, “Are the people of Tennessee that ignorant?” And, BAM – the field organizer said, “YEAH.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

WATCH the video below as the Democrats are caught LYING to the people of Tennessee then insulting them! 

Taylor Swift had advocated for the Democrat.

Days ago Taylor Swift – song writer and singer – abandoned her smart move of not involving herself in politics. She then threw her support away from Marsha Blackburn.

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Fox News reported Marsha Blackburn’s response below:

“I’ve been very active in abuse shelters and child advocacy centers. I’ve been advocating for women in equal pay since I was 19 years old and making certain that woman have the opportunity for maximum pay and have a good record on that.”

“We’re getting ready the Music Modernization Act that I helped steer through Congress. It’s going to be signed on Thursday by the president. I’ve been very active in that and Taylor Swift will benefit by that.” The wide-ranging bill would affect payments to songwriters, copyright performance rights and royalties, among other things.

“Tennesseans are more interested in the fact that Marsha Blackburn is endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, by the Fraternal Order of Police, by the Police Benevolent Association and by the National Rifle Association, where I have an ‘A’ rating and their endorsement,” Blackburn said.

In ending, are you surprised to see the Democrat’s lying to the people of Tennessee?