Lindsey Graham Offers The Ultimate DNA Challenge In Response To Warren’s Results

Lindsey Graham joined Fox News and besides discussing immigration and midterms he also discussed the Warren DNA test!

As it turns out, Senator Graham’s grandmother told him a story about a long-lost Indian heritage too and now he’s “dying to know!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Senator Graham introduced his DNA CHALLENGE to Senator Warren. And it is EPIC! 

Senator Graham announced to the Fox News crew, “I’m going to take a DNA test!

I’ve been told that my Grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. And it may all be JUST TALK,” Lindsey said.

Then he looks directly into the camera – eyes on the people watching at home – and said, “But you’re going to find out in a couple of weeks [be]cause I’m going to take this test!

Shocked, the panel asked a pointed question, and Lindsey replied, “I’m taking it. And the results are going to be revealed – HERE – this is my TRUMP MOMENT!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Will you be tuning in to see if Lindsey Graham has more than 1% of Indian heritage?

Jokingly, Graham continued with a twinkle in his eye and he cracked a wise one, he said, “This is my reality TV!

Excitedly, the panel started asking questions all at once about why he’s doing it, and Lindsey replied, “I don’t know. I’m just dying to know! I didn’t really think much about it.”

“But she’s less than one tenth of one percent.” Lindsey Graham said, then hilariously, he said, “I think I can beat her!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Senator Lindsey Graham talks about having a DNA test to check his heritage,too. Start at 5:14 minute mark. 

See the tweet from the Hill: Lindsey Graham: I’m taking DNA test, “I think I can beat” Warren on amount of Cherokee heritage.