With A Single Bold Statement, Jordan Becomes A Thorn In The Side To The Caravan Of Migrants

Everyone has heard of the caravan marching across Mexico to the United States border? And our America First President tweeted a “thank you” to Mexico for helping?

Also, Jim Jordan (R-OH) swooped in to support POTUS for defending this great Nation at the border! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Jim Jordan speaks about the RIGHT of America to defend her borders.

Jordan appeared on a segment of Fox News. He was asked, “What’s your reaction to this caravan of illegal border crossers?”

Every sovereign nation has a right to control their borders and secure their borders,” Jordan stated strongly.

And as the Commander-in-Chief – as the President – that’s his number ONE responsibility,” Jordan reminded America and the WORLD.

So – look – the President – I think he’s right – when he says ‘foreign aide may be reduced’ if you’re not going to get a hold of this situation.” And it appears Mexico is helping! (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Migrants are ready to walk from Guatemala and through Mexico to our border. 

James Fredrick who is a “multimedia journalist” and is “based in Mexico City” but from Colorado tweeted photographs of the caravan migrants.

He said in his tweet, “hundreds of migrants from the are already in Tecun Uman, the Guatemalan town bordering Mexico.”

Then he reported “They’re waiting for the thousands more to arrive and plan to walk to the Mexican border peacefully. Surprisingly good spirits here. Listen to today for more.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Mexico has President Trump’s back to help with the migrant crisis at our border. 

The migrants must walk through Mexico to arrive onto United States soil.

President Trump has enlisted the aid of Mexico to assist since they have to go through our neighbor’s land to arrive here.

Mexico Bureau Chief and Latin America Correspondent at Buzz Feed News, Karla Zabs was retweeted by President Trump. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The footage shows the “MIGRANT CARAVAN: Two federal police-filled planes w/anti-riot gear landed near the Mexico/Guatemala border this morn (vid source: Policia Federal de Mexico).”