Trump Makes The Rally Crowd Go Wild With His Latest Troll Job On Crooked H

President Trump held an explosive rally in Houston, Texas Monday night to packed, overflowing house stumping for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ahead of the November midterms.

Classic Trump was full of MAGA energy, going off script, and pumping up the massive crowd. (Video Below)

The President in Texas, was on a roll energizing the crowd and campaigning for Sen. Ted Cruz, and he pointed out all the reasons why Cruz is the right choice to pick over Beto O’Rourke.

During the beginning of the rally, Trump went off script taking a hilarious jab at “Crooked Hillary.”

“If you want the Fake News to investigate Hillary Clinton, we’ll just have to nominate her to the Supreme Court. How do you like that? Let’s see how she does. If Kavanaugh had to go through what he went through… can you imagine Hillary up there? 3-4 years of questions.” He joked.

(Video Below)

Watch as President Trump blasts Hillary Clinton and all her lies: