Trump Supporter Arrives At TX Rally With A BRILLIANT COSTUME That Tops Them All

President Trump is holding a massive rally in Houston, Texas Monday night and the base is pumped and feeling the MAGA energy.

Thousands of people are showing up to the event, some camped out the night before, tailgate parties, and costumes are hitting social media with videos and pictures. (Video Below)

Trump supporters are pumped up for the massive rally that President Trump is holding in Houston, Texas as he is campaigning for Sen. Tex Cruz for the upcoming November midterms.

One supporter who showed up, arrived in an epic Halloween costume and appears to be entertaining the crowd with his brilliant costume.

He is dressed up as Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened?”

When you open the book, a picture of President Trump is inside that reads, “I happened. The end.” (Video Below)

After Hillary’s second failed attempt at a presidential candidate, she wrote a book “What Happened.” She wrote about her experiences as the Democratic Party’s nominee and general election candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 election, per Wikipedia.

We all know what happened.

You’re going to love this costume and can’t miss it. (Video Below)


CTurnage tweeted, “I’m here at the Trump rally in Houston and this guy is entertaining the crowd.”


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