Herman Cain Slams Van Jones’ Claim That Trump Is More Likely Paying For Caravan Than Soros

Herman Cain weighed-in on the Caravan controversy. And, as always, he is brilliant and this time – very funny!

While listening to CNN’s Anderson Cooper interview Van Jones, Herman commented on the insanity of the two CNN host’s narrative they were concocting! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Herman Cain has JOKES!

Herman Cain ran for the Presidency in 2012. And in fact, was cruising way ahead in the polls against Barack Hussein Obama…briefly.

Of course, the Democrat party could not have a Republican black man run against Barrack so they pulled out their trusty playbook.

And on December third, Herman pulled out of the 2012 race amid sexual misconduct allegations that Cain vehemently denied. The Democrats just recycle the same playbook tactics over and over again!

Well, Herman had a hilarious comeback to CNN with their conspiracy theory that the President is paying for the Caravan! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Herman knocks CNN down another notch for their conspiracy theory!

In the CNN segment Cooper asked Van Jones about who is paying for the caravan, and Van Jones responded, “I think it’s much more likely that Donald Trump is paying for this than for George Soros to be paying for it.”

Furthermore, as Western Journal Politics reported, Jones went on to describe the mass migration as “’exactly the worst kind of thing to be happening’ for Democrats seeking elected office in the midterms.”

Then Herman Cain comes from behind and has an epic line about CNN’s conspiracy theory! He said: If Trump is paying for all liberal idiocy, I wonder what he spends keeping CNN afloat.” HAHAHA!  Thank you for taking the conspiracy theorists out of the game! Good one, Herman! (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW while CNN assembled a conspiracy theory. 

Herman Cain on Facebook with his epic line!