Sarah Takes Reporter To The Woodshed After She Blames Trump For His ‘Rhetoric’

After about a month of no press briefings, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders rose to the occasion to address the press after the tragic event that unfolded at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

The Press Secretary opened the briefing sending heartfelt condolences from her and the White House. (Video Below)

During the briefing however, White House reporter for The Associated Press, Jill Colvin, took her opportunity to blame President Trump for his “tone.”

Colvin had a long list waiting to read off to Sarah and said, “The president said he was planning to tone down his rhetoric this week, but in his rallies since the suspicious packages began being mailed, the president has called out Maxine Waters by name at his rallies. He stood there as his supporters chant ‘lock her up’ in a reference to Hillary Clinton. He continues to call Crooked Hillary Clinton…”

With such serious the liberal reporter asked, “Will the President stop using that kind of language in light of the fact that these individuals were targeted by the President?”

Sarah didn’t fall for her games and shot her down. (Video Below)

Sarah Takes Reporter To The Woodshed After She Blames Trump For His ‘Rhetoric’

“The president is going to continue to draw contrast. Let’s not forget that these same Democrats have repeatedly attacked the President.”

“Whether it was Eric Holder saying, ‘kick them when they’re down,’ whether it’s Hillary Clinton saying, ‘you can’t be civil until Democrats have control of Congress,’ or whether it was Maxine Waters who encouraged her supporters to ‘get up, not just in the president’s face, but all administration officials faces.’ Those actions are from those Democrats.”

“The President’s going to continue to fight back when these individuals not only attack him, but attack members of his administration and supporters of his administration.” (Video Below)

Sarah is spot on once again and not letting the liberal media twist and turn everything the President says or does.

Colvin asked an addition question about the President sending active duty military to the border, and she didn’t under why it was needed in addition to the national guard who is already there.

Sarah broke it down for her simple mind.

“The President’s number one job and number one priority is to protect the safety and security of the Americans. He is going to do what he deems necessary.”

Watch Sarah in action as she shuts down the fake news reporter, Jill Colvin below:

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