Lemon Says He Doesn’t See Dems ‘Killing People’, Scalise Knocks Sense Into Him

The Tree of Life  massacre was a horrific experience for the Synagogue, and one that deserves sacred non-politicization.

While the President visited yesterday to pay his respects to the survivors and law enforcement, he was warmly welcomed by the Rabbi from the Tree of Life. (MORE BELOW.) 

The radical left-wing media had a different perspective and an alternate narrative they wanted to present to America.

During the President’s visit, left-wing radicals chanted and protested him while he was paying respects.

This only serves to make the left-wing radicals appear heartless.

To further politicize, CNN’s Don Lemon was on air Monday night. From “Lemon’s perspective, the group to blame for the violence is, of course, Republicans and the right-wing media because, he suggested, Democrats don’t commit such violence,” as reported by the Daily Wire.

In all reality, Don Lemon did not just merely “suggest” it, he said it – point-blank. It is as if CNN and Lemon were testing the waters to see if there would be backlash to such an outrageous statement. (MORE BELOW.) 

Lemon goes FULL out mental and suggested only Republican’s are violent. Lemon said, he doesn’t “see Democrats” killing people.

Steve Scalise (R-LA) set Lemon straight. And reminded him of a few FACTS of crazy people who attack political figures.

Brietbart reported, “Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) called out CNN’s Don Lemon Tuesday as the anchor downplayed left-wing political violence.”

“Steve Scalise simply posted the “eyes” emoji and linked to a story from National Review about Don Lemon saying he doesn’t “see Democrats” killing people over politics,” Brietbart continued. (SEE BELOW.)