At The Indy Rally, Bobby Knight Brings Down The House With Four Electrifying Words

Legendary basketball coach, Bobby Knight in the Hoosier State, was front and center at the Indiana Trump rally Friday evening.

And what Bobby did with the audience will bring you to cheers! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Legendary HOOPS coach Bobby Knight revs up the folks from the Hoosier State!

First, Coach Knight reminded the audience about the chant people would say to former President Harry Truman to encourage him.

The chant the American people bestowed upon the 33rd Democratic President, was “Give ’em hell, Harry!”

One of the MAGA rally goers hollered out in good-natured fun, “Give ’em hell, Trump!” And Knight replied, “Oh…he’s ALREADY been giving them hell!” And the packed house cheered wildly for a LONG time!

Once the crowd settled down, Bobby said, “I want you to join me, in saying something else. Just like they said it to Harry Truman, who was a GREAT President. And so is [Trump]. And what I would like you to say is very simply this: GO GET ‘EM, DONALD!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

We need to encourage our President also  – with our VOTES – to help him with the America First Agenda in the House and Senate.

Additionally, during the rally, President Trump said, “I need you to vote for a Republican House and a Republican Senate so we can continue this incredible movement, the greatest political movement in the history of our country.”

TicToc by Bloomberg tweeted the moment Knight led the MAGA crowd to a chant! “Legendary basketball coach Bob Knight leads an Indiana crowd in chanting “Go get ’em, Donald!” (VIDEO BELOW.)


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