Opinion: Remnants Of Russia Russia Russia Set To Haunt Dems In Midterms

General Michael Flynn who was President Trump’s National Security Adviser was under attack by the Mueller Witch Hunt crew early in the Presidency.

They nabbed him for lying to the FBI; however, James Comey testified that the “FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe that Flynn had lied to them, or that any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional.” (MORE BELOW.) 

How can we forget the whole RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA Collusion Narrative?

This is a throwback to remind everyone that FLYNN was innocent of wrongdoing. In January of 2017 – the news was all about Flynn and Russian ties. And what was his crime?

Flynn spoke to a Russian Ambassador and the White House said that it was “a scheduling matter” between the Ambassador and Flynn. But the Democrats wanted it to be something more exotic than that.

The Democrats of course, used it to make it look like Flynn was in bed with the Russians. Specifically, the media and the Democrats ran with it as if it proved their entire RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA narrative.

At that time, they also used Manafort, Carter and Roger Stone to try to prove that President Trump was indeed connected to the Russians. (MORE BELOW.) 

The Democrats do not seem to mind destroying a man for political gain.

Since then, Manafort was tossed in solitary confinement over dealings dating back to 2012. And NONE of the charges had anything to do with the Trump campaign.

Additionally, Carter Page’s life was turned upside down and he now has charges on the DNC. Click here to read more. Although the mainstream media does not cover that interesting tidbit.

And Roger Stone is currently under scrutiny by the Mueller probe team over a tweet he sent about Wikileaks. (MORE BELOW.) 


Does it seem like the Democrats create negative stories against the Republicans? Then later the TRUTH comes out? And it’s all a big propaganda stunt to sway the American people into thinking negatively about the Republicans?

If you would like to see this nonsense STOP then vote RED on Tuesday November 6th. Remember, every vote COUNTS even if you think it does not…it does.

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