In Missouri, Trump Supporters Sing The Most Beautiful Song As Doctors Treat Woman In Crowd

President Trump has been busy flying across the country to encourage his supporters and fellow American’s to vote in the 2018 midterms today.

At one of the eleven rallies President Trump hosted in six days, in Missouri, an elderly woman fell ill during the event. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Is there a doctor in the House?

After the woman collapsed during the rally. President Trump asked, “Is there a doctor in the house, please? Doctor? Please. Thank you.”

A doctor then weaved his way through the crowd and attended the ailing woman.

While that was happening, the President and supporters created a condition of perfect harmony. What happened next was truly “beautiful” as President Trump said. And it was completely unplanned.

First, you hear President Trump stop the rally so the Doctor can easily reach his patient, he said, “Take your time, now. Relax. Take your time. Thank you,” as the physician maneuvers through the crowd, “We’ve got plenty of time. Right?” the President said. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The people of Missouri get to the heart of the matter.

The Doctor reaches the woman in the crowd. And the people cheer their support. Then something amazing happened. Completely spontaneous and REAL.

The people of Missouri showed their heart – they began to sing a prayer hymnal. They sang the song ‘AMAZING GRACE.’ You can almost feel the energy in the building it was so electrifying with all of those voices singing together at once.

President Trump was fully in the moment. You can see him completely acknowledge the power of what just happened!  (VIDEO BELOW.)