Reporter Discovers Random Provisional Ballot Box At Florida Airport

Laura Loomer, investigative journalist scored an EXCLUSIVE tip that left more questions than answers regarding Florida’s election process.

In Florida, a series of uncanny occurrences have revealed more provisional ballots “found” in rental trucks and private vehicles and now in a rental car at a Broward airport. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Loomer received an exclusive TIP that law enforcement cannot ignore.

Laura was tipped off that “a provisional ballot box from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office was discovered in the back of a rental car by an Avis employee at the Fort Lauderdale Airport on Sunday night.”

A provisional ballot “is used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter’s eligibility that must be resolved before the vote can count,” per Wikipedia.

Five days after the election, Laura posted, “Fort Lauderdale Airport is currently blocked off due to a BOMB THREAT! The airport is located IN BROWARD COUNTY.”

She continued, “An hour ago an employee at the Avis car rental at Fort Lauderdale airport reported he found a box with “provisional” written on it. What is going on?” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

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Laura interviewed the Avis employee and wrote, “The AVIS employee didn’t know what to do. No one wanted to touch the boxes or take responsibility for them.”

“Finally, sheriffs deputies agreed to take the provisional ballot boxes into their custody. It’s an odd situation when supervisor of elections (SOE) employees are so careless with important election materials, but it’s becoming a trend in Broward County,” Laura said.

Good question…why are the Florida law enforcement brushing this under the rug and the media not shedding light on a rental car left at an airport with provisional ballots in it? h/t Laura Loomer (VIDEO BELOW.) 


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