Eyebrow-Raising Connection Made Between George Soros & Brenda Snipes’ Legal Issues

If there is National woe you can almost bet George Soros is smack in the middle of it in some way.

Soros seems to find it enjoyable to mess with America and her politics. And this time he is in thick as thieves with embattled Broward County Floridian, Brenda Snipes. (MORE BELOW.)

Broward County Elections Supervisor, Brenda Swipes assisted by Soros funded groups.

Why is no-one surprised about Brenda being helped by “two organizations financed by billionaire activist George Soros in response to a lawsuit from a conservative group accusing her of maintaining inaccurate voter rolls,” as Brietbart reported?

Brenda Snipes and the Broward County elections team had a suit against them “brought by the American Civil Rights Union, a conservative Virginia-based group that has been challenging voter registration lists nationwide.”

The American Civil Rights Union [ACRU] wants to ensure there is less voter fraud across the Nation.

The Sun Sentinel reported, “The ACRU case focused on voter lists that included dead people, 130-year-olds, felons, duplicate registrations, invalid commercial addresses and that had ‘improbably high’ voter registration rates. Snipes testified that some people who have been registered ‘are not eligible to vote and they slip through’.” (MORE BELOW.)

Soros has been caught again with his hand in the chaos creating cookie jar of America.

Who helped Brenda Snipes in the ACRU case? None other than…you probably guessed it! George Soros and company. Brietbart reported, “the intervener in the case on Snipes’ behalf was the SEIU union’s United Healthcare Workers East, which was represented on the matter by lawyers from Demos and Project Vote, both of which are funded by Soros. An intervener allows a non-party to join an ongoing lawsuit.”

Perhaps, Rep. Matthew Gaetz was not too far off course when he called out Brenda Snipes as the “Banana Republic of Broward.”

Additionally, “Over the weekend, the Miami Herald reported that Snipes’ office mixed 20 rejected ballots with a sampling of 205 valid provisional ones in the current election. The discrepancy was reportedly found only after uproar from the Republican Party resulted in the Broward County canvassing board inspecting those provisional ballots,” Brietbart reported.