Judicial Watch Takes Aim At Hillary In Their Statement On Whitaker’s Appointment

America’s watch dog, Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch made a stunning statement after Attorney General, Jeff Sessions resigned in his position.

Tom Fitton has called for the acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, to look into a “serious prosecution of Clinton’s email crimes and other misconduct,” per JW. (MORE BELOW.)

Tom Fitton speaks out and calls for Clinton investigation!

The former Attorney General had recused himself from ‘all things Russia’ including the Mueller probe rendering himself useless. Then the Russia probe fell into the hands of Rod Rosenstein who signed the last FISA warrant.

Tom Fitton announced, “I hope transparency and rooting out corruption and abuse becomes the focus of any new Attorney General. President Trump has been terribly victimized by Justice Department and FBI corruption.” And if anyone should know what was truly going on in the DOJ and FBI at the time, it would be Fitton and his crew.

Fitton continued and said, “The Justice Department was a black hole in terms of transparency. It covered up institutional misconduct and, unbelievably, went out of its way to defend misconduct by Hillary Clinton and other Obama administration officials.

Basically, Fitton is calling out the cover-up crew. One thing is certain, with this kind of shout-out – it leads one to believe the chips are about to fall now that Whitaker is acting AG. And it is not looking great if you were part of the ‘Deep State.’ (MORE BELOW.)

Judicial Watch President Calls For ‘Serious Prosecution Of Clinton Email Crimes’

Additionally, in a stunning wrap up – Fitton ends with a power packed comment, he said, “Now that President Trump has removed AG Sessions and appointed Mr. Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, I hope the new DOJ leadership ends the abusive Mueller investigation and finally does a serious prosecution of Clinton’s email crimes and other misconduct.”

Wow! Literally, he is calling for Clinton to be prosecuted for her email crimes. How do you like those apples? Click here to read statement from Judicial Watch.

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