Jingle Bells: Pres Trump & First Lady Melania Just Received Their Official WH Christmas Tree

Christmas is back at the White House! President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump received a 19 1/2-foot-tall Fraser fir tree on Monday at the White House in a horse-drawn carriage by two men in top hats.

The arrival of the White House Christmas tree is a tradition that dates back over 100 years, where the First Lady welcomes the tree to the White House under the North Portico. (Video Below)

President Trump and First Lady Melania held hands as they walked around welcoming the arrival of their Christmas tree and greeted visitors while posing for pictures.

According to CBS, Larry Smith, a North Carolina farmer, has his trees featured for Christmas at the White House after he won a national contest. The tree will be decorated and displayed in the White House Blue Room.

Smith’s tree, a Mountain Top Fraser Fir, was selected at his farm, located in Newland, North Carolina. Winners of the National Christmas Tree Association tree contest have presented the winning tree at the White House since 1966.

The First Lady was dressed to impress with a Christmas outfit that delighted the crowd. (Video Below)

President Trump and the First Lady seemed very delighted upon receiving their Christmas Tree as they were glowing with smiles.

They greeted the men in the carriage while shaking their hands, then pet the horses while he and Melania observed the Clydesdale’s beauty.

The Marine band was also there where they played holiday music to get the Christmas cheer going. (Video Below)