Before Leaving To FL, Trump Defends Ivanka’s Personal Emails, Takes Wrecking Ball To Hillary

Tuesday, before departing for Mar A Lago, FL, the President answered a few questions from the press and took a jab at Hillary Clinton.

Amid a Washington Post article who peddled fake news about Ivanka Trump and her emails, the President hit back laying out the truth. (Video Below)

The Washington Post tried to create a picture of wrongdoing from Ivanka Trump, despite in their article they cited, “people familiar with the records who reviewed them amid a public records lawsuit, contains no indication that any of Trump’s emails contained classified or sensitive government information.” 

Their headline reads “Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to send hundred of emails about government business last year,” yet they claimed in the article that it contained no government information.

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President Trump responded to the press amid WaPo article slapping down the fake news. (Video Below)

President Trump said when asked about Ivanka’s emails, “There was no deleting like Hillary Clinton did.”

He added, “There was no servers in the basement, like Hillary Clinton did. What Ivanka did, it’s all in the presidential records, everything is there.”

“You’re talking about all fake news. HIllary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails. She had a server in the basement. That’s the real story!” Trump declared. (Video Below)

Watch President Trump hit back at the press and drop the truth: