In A Profound Move, Papadopolous Lays Out The British Sources That Spied On Trump’s Campaign

George Papadopoulos has the answer to the burning question ALL inquiring minds want to know about WHO the British are protecting!

In a sweet Thanksgiving surprise, George laid out what the Brits want so desperately to hide to protect the American Obama-era cover-up crew.

George lets the cat out of the bag.

George Papadopoulos, is a former 28 year-old Trump campaign aide and the guy who was sentenced to two weeks in jail. His crime? Lying to the Mueller pit bull attorneys who set him up. Papadopoulos was caught in Mueller’s cross-hairs as a scapegoat.

Thursday, Papadopoulos sent out a shock-wave of information on the heels of Great Britain, requesting that President Trump not release the documents about the Mueller Russia investigation.

The United Kingdom does not want President Trump to declassify the FISA information or any other documents pertaining to the Russia probe in fear that it will divulge British sources.

The burning question then becomes: who are these super secret American sources that have been in cahoots with the British M16 secret service regarding the origins of the scandalous Mueller probe? (MORE BELOW.)

George’s casual Thanksgiving tweet turns British bargaining to a puddle of mud.

The British are trying to hold President Trump back from declassifying when “the current row risks inflaming UK-US tensions at a time when Britain wants to deepen ties with America as it leaves the European Union,” reported the Daily Mail.

Brilliantly, George cuts the branch off the tree the Brits were balancing on, and he said, “It’s not really a secret who the British “SOURCES” were that were illicitly spying on Trump and me and others. They are fighting to keep this private. I will lay them out here.”

See George’s LIST BELOW: 

1) Tobias Ellwood

2) Stefan Halper

3) Alexander Downer

4) British Embassy in DC

5) GCHQ 6) Erika T

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