Newt Demonstrates How Trump’s Re-Election Odds Compare To That Of Reagan In 1984

Newt Gingrich has been around Washington D.C. for a LONG time. And he remembers EVERYTHING it seems!

Newt is letting us in on some eye-opening history that will leave the Democrat party BAFFLED again! (MORE BELOW.) 

The leftist media is already setting President Trump up for a 2020 loss.

The leftist mainstream media is non-stop trying to frame President Trump’s 2020 Presidential run as a loss already.

Leave it to the failing New York Times to print an imagined 2020 loss for the President. It is written by David Leonhardt and Bret Stephens. The title of their opinion piece? “How Trump Lost Re-election in 2020.” For real. That’s the name of the article. 

They co-wrote, “Donald J. Trump, who spent much of the past four years as a historically unpopular President, lost his bid for re-election Tuesday. His approval rating hasn’t approached 50 percent since he took office, and neither did his share of the vote this year.”

Well, Newt Gingrich has a powerful piece of history that completely obliterates their wishful rantings at the New York Times. (MORE BELOW.) 

Newt on the history of Ronald Reagan’s historic WIN.

Newt who served as Speaker of the House reminded the media, the Democrats and Trump supporters across America of a forgotten fact about Reagan’s re-election win in 1984.

He said, “As the news media exaggerates President Trump’s re-election challenge. Remember: Pres. Reagan was at 35% approval in January 1983. In trial runs – it was Mondale 52-Reagan-40;John Glenn 54-Reagan 39.” 

Then Gingrich, tweeted the WINNING fact and said, “Reagan carried 49 states for reelection the next year.” BOOM! Reagan won his SECOND election with 49 of the STATES. And it’s possible that President Trump will too! VOTE RED in 2020!

See Newt’s tweet below: