Bongino Unravels The Intel Community’s Three Part Plan To Take Down Trump

At the Freedom Center Restoration Weekend 2018, Dan Bongino talks turkey about the corrupt Obama-era scandals and their three-part plan to take down the Trump campaign and administration.

Bongino explained it brilliantly. He leaves no stone unturned as he breaks down the truth of Spygate, FISA Abuse and Cover-up crew scandals.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

“It’s the greatest spy story ever told. Except for the fact it actually happened. And it happened against YOU.” – Dan Bongino.

Bongino explained how an actual bad guy was arrested by the Government in a sting. His kids ran out and his wife was crying. There’s a human side to it. And he was a bad guy, yet the kids were scared and that was not such a great thing.

He then compared that sting operation to what the former FBI, CIA and DOJ and Obama-era administration officials did to a man who was running for President. Then later became the President.

Bongino said, “That guy was an actual bad guy. Imagine if you find out you’re the President of the United States – all you did was win an election. And you find out the massive machinery of the Federal Government with the ability to slap bracelets on you in the form of handcuffs and take your life and your freedom was turned against YOU.”

Folks this happened. This is the BIGGEST SCANDAL of our generation. There’s no close second. This makes Watergate look like romper room,” Bongino pointed out. (VIDEO BELOW.)

SPYGATE: Plan A Obama administration weaponized the intelligence community.

They used “unmasking” so they could pretend they were targeting foreigners. They then ran computer queries from the government NSA database to find out all kinds of opposition research.

NSA Chief Admiral Mike Rogers busted them on that and told Donald Trump when he visited Trump Tower. And Trump later tweeted about being ‘wiretapped.’  It was then discovered that the Obama-era administration was working with the British and Australian foreign intelligence.

Shortly afterward, Bob Hannigan British NSA (GCHQ) Director resigned after CNN published a piece on April 14, 2017 called  British intelligence passed Trump associates’ communications with Russians on to US counterparts. (VIDEO BELOW.)

FISA COURT ABUSE: Plan B Cross Fire Hurricane.

Bongino explained how the Obama era Banana Republic perpetrators then moved on to Plan B. Remember, Crossfire Hurricane?

Well, they realized they could spy on the Trump campaign LEGALLY by using the FISA court.

The Obama team used what is called “hopping”. They could get a FISA warrant on one person from the Trump campaign then use it on anyone that person talked to, Bongino explained.

There was only one problem, they had to prove to the FISA court there was a Russian connection…but they had NOTHING. So they made it up. This is where Christopher Steele came in with the fake dossier. The dossier story was actually written on April 17, 2007. In a piece by the Wall Street Journal entitled, “How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Mop UP Crew & Mueller is the head janitor: Plan C Impeach Donald Trump.

Plan B fell apart when Donald J. Trump won the election. And now the corrupt Obama crew has to clean-up after their FAILED attempt at winning the election by spying on the Trump campaign.

Who is the clean up guy? Bob Mueller! Bongino explained, that at that point, “everybody realizes they’re going down.”

Bongino said, “They faked a FISA warrant. They have been involved in MASSIVE unmaskings….they have been busted ..tapping into the NSA database. They left a paper trail sixty-five miles long.”

“Bob Mueller has to clean this whole mess up,” Dan said. Bob Mueller has one job “to keep the heat on Donald Trump.”

Because the minute the Bob Mueller thing is dissolved. All of this is going to come out and hell will have no fury ….folks, they left a paper trail. They cannot run from this.”  Do NOT miss the video below. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH Bongino at David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend 2018 Start at 7:30 minute mark.