Trump Makes The MS Rally Crowd Chuckle By How He Compares Himself To Elvis

President Trump on Monday night in Tupelo, Mississippi cracked a joke during a rally leaving the crowd erupting in cheers and chuckles.

Trump spoke in Tupelo before heading to Biloxi, MS to rally support on election runoff eve for Republican Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith. (Video Below)

Visiting a small-yet-historic city of Tupelo, Mississippi, President Trump held a rally the night before voters take to the polls Tuesday.

During the event, Trump acknowledged Tupelo as Elvis Presley’s birthplace and cracked a joke to the audience. Elvis was born in Tupelo on Jan. 8, 1935.

Tupelo is “the proud birthplace of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, Elvis, we love Elvis!” He exclaimed. The President next told the crowd that he didn’t want to sound “very conceited,” but people used to tell him he rather resembled Elvis back when he was younger.

“I shouldn’t say this, you’ll say I’m very conceited cause I’m not, but other than the blond hair, when I was growing up they said I looked like Elvis. Can you see it? Can you believe it? I always considered that a great compliment.” Trump said. (Video Below)

“We love Elvis, don’t we? In fact, we just gave Elvis the Medal of Freedom award.” President Trump asked.

His visit came 10 days after he conferred a posthumous Medal of Freedom award for Elvis Presley during a White House ceremony.

On that occasion, Trump said of Presley: “After redefining music in the ’50s and redefining cinema in the ’60s, ‘The King’ – as he was known by everybody – everybody, to this day, they call him ‘The King’ –  revolutionized live performances in the 1970s.” Via USA Today. (Video Below)

Watch President Trump Makes The MS Rally Crowd Chuckle By How He Compares Himself To Elvis Below: