Watch: Maxine Suggests The Caravan’s Latest Acts Are A ‘Political Ploy’ From Trump

Maxine Waters (D-CA) was on the air at CNN and boy of boy will it make smoke come out of your ears. It is difficult to believe this representative of the people is actually for America at all.

Waters actually called the migrant invasion “exactly what he [President Trump] wanted to happen.” Wait…what? Has Maxine been listening to President Trump? Is she not aware President Trump closed the borders? (VIDEO BELOW.)

Rep Waters thinks the caravan migration was the brain child of President Trump.

Waters has conspiracy theories running around her head!

In an interview with CNN on Sunday she said, “All of this has been the political ploy of the president of the United States … now we have this chaos. That’s what he wants.”

Wow! Maxine Waters wants the viewers of CNN to believe that President Trump hatched the migrant invasion to play into his politics of border control.

She said, “Well, I am very saddened to see this situation with desperate people and all of this has been the political ploy of the president of the united States of America. He made this the central part of his platform, that he was going to do something about these migrants who were coming here.”

Furthermore, she continued, “He called them killers and rapists, and he certainly did stoke a lot of fear about these migrants who are trying to get in and so he promised the American people he was going to make Mexico pay for it all, that we would not have to pay a dime for it. And now we have this chaos. That’s what he wants. He wants to stoke fear.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The CNN hostess called Maxine out and Mad Max doubled down!

The CNN reporter asked Maxine, “Has this added to his narrative?” Maxine replied, “I believe so because these migrants who now are facing a closed border and who are rushing, you know, and storming the border that looks bad and looks as if they are at fault of all of this.”

Maxine then blamed Trump AGAIN and said this was Trump’s “failed leadership.” Wow. Maxine has zero desire to try and fix the border problem. She only wants to create a division.

A patriot replied and said, “Maxine Waters hatred for Trump Runs so deep anything bad that happens in the world she blames Trump. Hurricanes,Shootings,Anti-Semitism even though his daughter is Jewish thanks Trump. California Fires thanks Trump. 4 the next 2 years she will try to impeach him at every turn.” He nailed it! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Watch the video below: