In A Wild Twist, Stormy Daniels Throws Avenatti Under The Bus On Her Suit Against Trump

Bret Baier of Fox News had a very fascinating segment on the continuing saga of CPL (Creepy Porn Lawyer) and the Porn Star.

Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti may very well be breaking up! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Is it time to be done with the Porn star and CPL?

Baier reported, that Stormy “says her Attorney, Michael Avenatti, sued President Trump for defamation — on her behalf — without  her permission.’

Imagine that! A porn star client who does not trust her own Attorney and is practically calling him a liar.

Is America still doing the “MeToo” thing? Who should we believe? Stormy or CPL?

Baier reported “Avenatti started a fund-raising website to raise money for her legal expenses without telling her about it. She says – he refuses – to this day – to tell her how that money is being spent. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Poor Stormy doesn’t know whether she should continue to allow her Attorney to use her as a cash cow or not.

The Daily Beast reported, “Stormy Daniels has launched a second round of fundraising for her legal battle against President Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.”

It was reported that the website “raised $4,015—a far cry from the more than $100,000 collected in one day last March, when Daniels sued Trump to invalidate the “hush agreement” she signed ahead of the 2016 election,” per The Daily Beast. And now Stormy said she did not give permission. Who are we to believe in the continuing saga?

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