Jordan Just Laid Out Two Crucial Matters That Must Be Completed In Congress Before End Of Year

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) took to Twitter Thursday morning laying out two main objectives for Congress before 2018 wraps up.

Jordan is a fan favorite among Republicans because he is great at defending President Trump along with standing up for the President’s “America first” agenda. (Video Below)

Rep. Jim Jordan joined Fox News on Tuesday where he sounded off on the most important issues that need to be addressed before the new Congress.

During his interview when asked about James Comey testifying, Jordan announced, “I have to be honest, a lot more important than James Comey testifying for the 15th time, is to have Rod Rosenstein for the first time since we we first learned, in the New York Times reporting, that he was talking about wearing a wire to record the President of the United States.

“It’s been nine and half weeks since we first learned that he was talking about two subordinates about wearing a wire, invoking the 25th Amendment. We have yet to talk to him. I’m much more focused on that…” Jordan declared.

“The American people have the right to know, and these answers to those questions.” He added. (Video Below)

Jordan said Congress has five weeks before Nancy Pelosi takes over for Speaker of the House. “We had better get focused on the things that really matter.” Jordan said bluntly.

Next, he stated the other main issue that Congress should be focusing on is funding the border wall and fixing the border security. “That was the biggest promise that Republicans made the voters in 2016. We had better fight for that. That is the single biggest issue that the American people elected Republicans to accomplish, and we have five weeks to get it done.” He added.

Further, Jordan took to twitter to reiterate the two main objectives for Congress. (Video Below)

Rep. Jim Jordan wrote on Twitter, “Two main objectives for Congress before the end of 2018: -Fund the border security wall -Compel Rod Rosenstein to testify about his comments on recording the President and invoking the 25th Amendment No chance these happen under Speaker Pelosi. We have 5 weeks to get it done.”

Watch below as Jim Jordan discusses Rod Rosenstein and funding the border wall.