FBI Hides Behind Mueller After House Requests 3400 Pages Of Transcripts

Image Source: Screen Shots. Swamp Drain Compilation

Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), is currently the House Chair for the all powerful Judiciary Committee that has jurisdiction over the FBI.

Recently, Goodlatte requested documents to be released so the American people can see them.  

The left-wing is doing all they can to stop Comey/Lynch testimony transcripts from seeing the light of day.

James Comey and Loretta Lynch were in closed-door sessions last week and are under investigation jointly with the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

Goodlatte did his part in handing the written transcripts over to the FBI and DOJ by the deadline which was Wednesday, December 19th.

The DOJ and FBI are suppose to review them and release them to the Public as requested by Goodlatte per law.

However, the FBI Deputy David Bowdich is refusing to do so by the deadline December 24th. (Continued Below)

By blocking the documents, it appears the left are protecting their own.

The FBI Deputy Director, David Bowdich wrote a letter back to Goodlatte citing the FBI could not possibly release the transcripts by the deadline.

One of the excuses was that it was due on Christmas Eve Day. Additionally, the next excuse was that that they had not read them. Finally, the excuse was given that it was during the “anticipated Government shutdown.”

In ending, the most disturbing realization of all; however, is that Mueller and his team have to review the Comey/Lynch transcripts too. Mueller decides what to redact and what not to redact. In his letter, Bowdich cited, “it’s predicated on legal requirements…as appropriate.”