Bongino Slams Corker For Abandoning Trump: ‘He Has No Spine & I’m Glad He Left Office’

Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent joined Fox News and openly discussed how Republican’s in name only (RINO’s) hurt America and the GOP agenda.

Dan held nothing back as he explained how Senator’s like Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) often stand with the Democrats. (Video below.)

Border Walls and partial Government shutdowns and who stabs who in the back.

First, Brian Kilmeade played a clip of Corker attacking the President and towing the Democratic narrative regarding the border wall and the partial Government shutdown.

Corker heaved the Democratic line and said, “this is a made up fight so the President can look like he’s fighting but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure.”

Bongino responded, “this is what drives people like me – I think a lot of activists and people who knock on doors for Republicans – absolutely crazy.”

“Whereas the Democrats you can rely on them – generally – to like stab you in the front,” Dan continued. “It’s the Republican’s that will stab you in the back, the establishment ones,” as he perfectly defined a RINO.  (Video below.)

How to spot a RINO. 

“These are the ones that sell you out. These are the one’s that run on our principles. Strong borders, low taxes, economic freedom and they get in office and at a critical moment in a fight you can always rely on one Republican,” Bongino explained.

Specifically he said, “A Jeff Flake or Corker type [who will]  sell you out.”

This is not a made up fight,” Bongino said. The border needs are real, “and for him to abandon the President right now is really gross and shows he has no spine. And I’m glad he left office.” (Video below.)

WATCH Bongino unload on Corker.