Ronald Reagan’s Son Issues A Sheer Warning To President Trump On The Wall Deal: ‘It’s Now Or Never’

Michael Reagan, who is the first-born son to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his first wife, Jane Wyman is busy this Christmas season showing his support for the Wall.

In a slick tweet and article, he delivered a message directly to President Trump and reminded every one about his own father’s negotiations with the Democrats. (More below.) 

Michael Reagan talked historical Democrat tricks with Amnesty and Border Security. 

In a tweet, Michael Reagan issued his first thoughts on the idea that the Democrats were squaring off against the President about border security.

Shewdly, he tweeted to President Trump, “Hey in 1986 my father made a deal with the Democrats Amnesty for Border Security my father is still waiting. [You] have no choice it’s now or never.”

Michael then used the hashtag #BuildTheWallNow so every one would know he is for border security and stands with President Trump.

The President of The Reagan Legacy Foundation, was referring to the time when, “Ronald Reagan trusted the Democrats in 1986 when he gave them amnesty for illegals in exchange for border security,” as per The Lid .

Reagan heralded “It’s now or never,” to build the Wall and believes it is necessary for President Trump NOT to cave to the Democrats! 

In an opinion piece, several days after his tweet, Michael wrote in The Albany Herald exactly who is to blame for the partial government shut down.

And it’s not President Trump’s fault or even the “future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Senate soulmate Chuck Schumer.” Reagan laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of Republican’s like Paul Ryan who did not want a Wall and would not take the legislation to the House floor before now.

They’re the chicken-hearted ones in Congress who put President Trump behind the political eight ball,” Ronald Reagan’s son said. What do you think of that?

See tweet below: