Don Jr. Roasts Sen. Warren Over Her Awkward NYE Live Beer Chug: ‘I Really Want To Know Who Is Advising Her!’

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA) has become the laughing stock since President Trump coined her as Pocahontas, and even more so after her DNA analysis on Native American heritage came back revealing she is only 1/1,024 Native American.

Warren pretended to be Native American, and it’s obvious she has a problem being herself with her latest video she released. (Video Below)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is being mocked for cracking a cold one while talking during an Instagram livestream and preparing for a 2020 run.

Warren announced at a news conference outside her home hours earlier Monday that she was filing paperwork to launch an exploratory committee for president, becoming the first candidate to take the major step toward a 2020 run — and she reminded her audience that the day had been a break from her normal routine, reported Fox News.

During her livestream she said, “Hold on a second… I’m gonna get me a beer,” as she walked out of view of the camera.

What’s more, Warren seemed to be taking ideas from another playbook. Ocasio-Cortez, popularized the use of Instagram stories and livestreams earlier this year to connect with her supporters. Beto O’Rourke broadcasted himself while in his home cooking and performing other tasks. (Video Below)

President Trump’s son caught wind of Warren’s video and took to Twitter cracking a few jokes at Sen. Warren.

He wrote, “Wow so woke and genuine, she really is one of us” SAID NO ONE EVER!!! Between this and the notion that is was a great idea to run with the yea 1/1024th really is Native American, I really want to know who is advising her… and buy that person a beer.

Don Jr. has a point. (Video Below)

Donald Trump Jr.’s Official Tweet:

Rule #1: Don’t announce your presidential bid too early.

Rule #2: Don’t drink a beer like an 11 year old sissy.

Rule #3: Practice live feed before going live.

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