Parscale Forecasts A Bright 2020 For Trump: ‘The President Is Light Years Ahead Of Where We Were On Election Night’

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Brad Parscale, President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, interviewed on Fox News with Martha McCallum Thursday where he foresees high hopes for the President.

Parscale explained the number one reason swing voters will vote for President Trump in the upcoming election. (Video Below) 

During his interview, Brad Parscale said the number one reason swing voters will vote for the President Trump in 2020 is because of his stance on border security and the wall.

Parscale said that the 2016 election was very grassroots, but the 2020 bid includes new technology and a much larger ground game. He described one method the campaign is using to reach out to voters is through texting.

He explained that his team is very closely monitoring swing voters who disapprove of the president for reasons of tone, personality and the like, but may change their mind because they support some of his policies.

“The number one reason they will vote ‘for’ him is because of his stance on border security,” Parscale said. (Video Below) 

When describing polling data in swing states based off information from the 2016 election and the midterms, Parscale announced, “If I look at the data right now in 2020, and the same kind of data I was pulling in 2016, the President is light years ahead of where we were on election night in 2016.”

He said that there is a different game plan now on reaching voters and using different tactics as they are already building and fighting right now for the American people — while still being two years out from the next election.

Parscale also pointed out that his newest voter score has reached his highest national approval rating for President Trump. (Video Below) 

Parscale wrote on Twitter, “Just received my newest voter score tracking from my team. @realDonaldTrump has reached his highest national approval rating since I started tracking. The @TheDemocrats have really made a mistake going with their gut over data.”

He added, “We and the @gop spend millions on polling, tracking, and voter scores. Most likely more than any organization in America. The @TheDemocrats appear to not appreciate data.”

Parscale also said, “Our data actually predicted 2016 results within one electoral. In 2018 we predicted the results within a couple house seats and Senate seats perfectly. @realDonaldTrump outperformed in 2018 and we predicted that as well”

Brad Parscale’s Official Tweets and video below:

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“Number one reason swing voters will vote for Trump is his stance on border security.” Brad Parscale.