Geraldo Rivera Goes Into Beast Mode On FBI, DOJ & MSM Over Their Anti-Trump Bias

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Geraldo Rivera can be one of President Trump’s most vocal critics. At the same time, Rivera stands solid behind the President’s back when sensing crooked or unfair treatment.

And that is exactly what happened after the media went berserk over a New York Times report that alleges the FBI looked into Trump/Russia ties as a direct result of James Comey’s firing.

Geraldo is mad and is sick and tired of the Left’s Anti-Trump bias!

While Democrats and media are back in full-swing with the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative against Trump, Geraldo wasted no time unloading on them as well as the FBI and DOJ!

The Times’ report, if anything, points to just how Anti-Trump the FBI & DOJ, led by Obama appointed individuals, were towards the President, according to Rivera. And how they were digging to find any kind of mud that would stick against Trump related to Comey’s firing, despite getting recommendation from Rod Rosenstein.

Geraldo took several moments to rip the left for staging this latest ‘treason smear’ against the President to change the subject from the ‘painful Government Shutdown.’

He began his social rampage by firing out, “Still pissed by [New York Times] shaky reporting that FBI contemplated probing whether [President Trump] was Putin’s Bitch, a Manchurian Candidate secretly meeting at sidelines of intl meetings where President Trump would receive whispered instructions from master Putin-Reckless bullshit.” Continued Below

He continued, “Based on the record, the allegation/suggestion that the FBI came close to investigating President Trump as a Russian spy/asset-if true-says more about anti-Trump bias within the DOJ than it ever does about the president’s actions regarding Russia.”

Geraldo then delivered a harsh blow to mainstream sources when he said, “Anti-Trump media-led by NYT & WAPO is back to 2017’s infamy: the allegation-without proof-that [President Trump] is Putin’s Bitch, working at direction of & in the interests of Russia not U.S. The left hates [President Trump] This Treason Smear is based on contempt & malice-Where’s proof?”

Finally, in a keen and defiant manner, Geraldo exposed what he believes is the motive behind this latest move by the left. He claimed, “Democrats are intransigent-No wall/barrier/fence No matter what-That stance helps prolong painful Government Shutdown. Now they & media allies have shamelessly changed subject to extraordinarily reckless & flamboyantly malignant allegation that [President Trump]’s a traitor. Crap.” See Below

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We leave you with video of Trump smashing down the latest Russia narrative.