Giuliani Brings Forth A Notion That Suggests Obstruction By Team Mueller, Demands Investigation

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President Trump spoke with the press before departing to New Orleans where he will be joining farmers for the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th annual convention and giving a speech.

Upon heading to the convention, the President took questions from the press where he answered a number of subjects related to border security, Democrats, and former FBI agents.

President Trump tore into fired FBI Director James Comey and his deputies after The New York Times claimed the bureau launched an inquiry into whether Trump was actually working on behalf of Russia in the wake of Comey’s ouster while speaking with reporters.

The President called Comey a “bad cop” and his former bureau allies “known scoundrels.”

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Trump’s comments followed The New York Times reporting that the bureau began investigating whether the president had been working on behalf of the Russian government in the days following Comey’s firing in May 2017. The inquiry also had a criminal aspect, according to the Times: whether the president’s firing of Comey was obstruction of justice, reported Fox News. (Continued Below)

Former law enforcement officials told the Times that the criminal and counterintelligence elements of the investigation were combined because Trump’s firing of Comey could constitute both a crime and a national security threat as it would hinder the agency’s abilities to learn how the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 presidential election, via Fox News.

However, the President’s attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, defended President Trump amid Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling and potential collusion with Trump campaign associates during the 2016 presidential election.

Giuliani blasted the media for not questioning whether the FBI or Mueller investigation found anything calling it obstruction and demanded an investigation. (Continued Below)

Rudy Giuliani took to Twitter Monday morning and said, “It is now clear that the Mueller investigation is the illegitimate product of Peter Stroyk’s insurance policy to remove the President and the McCabe inspired revenge for firing Comey. It explains they proceeded on the idiotic theory that the President firing Comey was a crime.”

He continued, “Doesn’t anyone in the media care enough about the truth to ask the Mueller leakers if the counter intelligence report started a year and a half ago found anything. Obviously if it did the Trump hating leaker would have told the Trump hating press. Proving this is a witch-hunt.”

Giuliani also wrote, “Mueller’s gang eliminated all of Stroyk’s [sic] texts to Page and others during the period the Mueller investigation was started. From his prior texts promising he would prevent or remove the President aren’t those texts highly relevant. Seems like obstruction. INVESTIGATION?”

He added, “Mueller has found no evidence of President Trump conspiring with Russians to hack the DNC. Meuller’s gang is leaking profusely. The one to the Democrat Times was of an abusive counter intelligence investigation two years ago. No one asks what happened?”

The president’s attorney was referring to text messages between Strzok and Page. Strzok and Page, who exchanged hundreds of anti-Trump text messages, both worked on Mueller’s team for a period of time, as well as on the Clinton investigation. The Justice Department inspector general was unable to recover a series of messages between the two former FBI officials prior to the special counsel was appointed. The two were romantically involved. Page left the FBI in May 2018, and Strzok was fired from the bureau in August 2018, reported Fox News.

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