Tuesday TruthBombs: Trump Shines Spotlight On Obstructionists, Comey, Border, Pelosi & Schumer

Image Source: Video Screen Shots. Swamp Drain Compilation

President Trump took to Twitter Tuesday morning in a series of tweets getting his messages directly to the American people.

Our transparent President covered several topics from the FBI, Veterans, Volkswagen, the southern border, Clemson Tigers, and Nancy Pelosi.

In several early morning tweets on Tuesday, President Trump began by blasting former FBI agents who got caught spying on his campaign. This comes a day after he spoke to the press before departing for a farmers convention in Louisiana, where he blasted former FBI agents calling them “bad cops” and “scoundrels.”

He wrote, “The rank and file of the FBI are great people who are disgusted with what they are learning about Lyin’ James Comey and the so-called “leaders” of the FBI. Twelve have been fired or forced to leave. They got caught spying on my campaign and then called it an investigation. Bad!”

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The President then moved the attention to veterans and the media where he asked, “Just announced that Veterans unemployment has reached an 18 year low, really good news for our Vets and their families. Will soon be an all time low! Do you think the media will report on this and all of the other great economic news?” (Continued Below)

Further, President Trump announced, “Volkswagen will be spending 800 million dollars in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They will be making Electric Cars. Congratulations to Chattanooga and Tennessee on a job well done. A big win!”

Then, he alerted everyone by informing us that a new Caravan is on the way to the southern border.

Trump wrote, “A big new Caravan is heading up to our Southern Border from Honduras. Tell Nancy and Chuck that a drone flying around will not stop them. Only a Wall will work. Only a Wall, or Steel Barrier, will keep our Country safe! Stop playing political games and end the Shutdown!” (Continued Below)

Next, President Trump pointed out, “Polls are now showing that people are beginning to understand the Humanitarian Crisis and Crime at the Border. Numbers are going up fast, over 50%. Democrats will soon be known as the Party of Crime. Ridiculous that they don’t want Border Security!”

He added, “Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House. Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamburgers etc. Within one hour, it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters!”

Lastly, President Trump wondered, “Why is Nancy Pelosi getting paid when people who are working are not?”

President Trump’s Official Tweets:

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