Jim Jordan Reacts To Pelosi Dis-Inviting Trump To SOTU Address: ‘This Is Unbelievable’

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On Wednesday evening, Congressman Jim Jordan joined Lou Dobbs and discussed the latest twist in the longest-ever partial government shutdown.

The subject of Nancy Pelosi literally dis-inviting President Trump to deliver his State of the Union address became the center-piece of their discussion, where Jim Jordan unleashed on the ‘unbelievable’ move.

As days of the shutdown continue to tick away, President Trump has shown willingness to make a deal to open government, while Pelosi, Schumer and Democrats have shown willingness to vacation and obstruct the President’s fight for border security.

Jordan thought he has seen just about every trick out of Democrats’ playbook to try to bring the President down. Pelosi, however, succeeded at showing just how far Democrats are willing to go to prove how much they would rather try to stop the President, than make the country safe.

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Jordan unloaded on Pelosi and Democrats when he told Dobbs, “If you needed any more proof that they are more focused on stopping the President than they are at helping the country, this is it!” Continued Below

Jordan pointed out the contrast between President Trump’s willingness to strike a deal to open the government vs Democrats’ unwillingness. He cited Democrats stiffing the President on Tuesday, where Trump invited them to negotiate a deal to open government.

Jordan said, “The Speaker of the House doesn’t invite, or dis-invites the Commander-In-Chief, the President of the United States of America, not to come give the State of the Union address?”

Then he exclaimed, “This is unbelievable!Video Below

Jim Jordan Reacts To Pelosi Dis-Inviting Trump To The State Of The Union