Pelosi’s Cart Of Returned Luggage Captured On Camera In The Halls Of Congress After Trip Gets Postponed

Screen Shots, Free Beacon

It has been an interesting week in Washington, to say the least.

Coming 24 hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to postpone President Trump’s State of the Union Address over security concerns, the Master Troller-In-Chief got the last laugh.

Trump stunned Pelosi right as she was set to take off for a planned trip abroad in regards to foreign relations, and denied her aircraft to get there. The President then issued a letter, that appeared to mock the one Pelosi issued when she attempted to postpone the SOTU.

In his letter, that has since gone viral, Trump told Pelosi she was more than welcome to fly commercial if she saw fit.

The House Speaker, however, must have decided not to opt for the President’s recommended Plan B, as her returned luggage was spotted in the hallways of Congress just hours after the news spread.

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Brent Scher, a writer for Free Beacon, tweeted out an image of Pelosi’s returned luggage that now sits quietly, and safely in the halls of US Congress.

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Brent captioned the tweeted image, that can be seen below, with, “BREAKING: Full cart of luggage has been returned to the halls of congress after [President Trump] cancels [Speaker Pelosi]’s foreign trip.”

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