JUST IN: Pelosi Re-Invites Pres Trump To Deliver State Of The Union Address

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a briefing on Monday where she answered several questions from the biased press.

One particular question was about Speaker Nancy Pelosi postponing the State of the Union address. (Video Below)

During the briefing, White House correspondent for Fox News Radio asked Sanders since the government is reopened has Pelosi extended an invitation.

“Do you believe [Pelosi] is acting in good faith to this regard?” Decker asked.

Sarah responded, “I certainly don’t think she acted in good faith considering she cited security concerns that didn’t exist, but we’re certainly hopeful that moving forward in the future. The President looks forward to speaking to the American people as always. We’ll do that as soon as the invitation is received.”

(Video Below)

Shortly after the White House briefing ended, Speaker Pelosi invited President Trump to give his State of the Union address in the House chamber.

Chief political correspondent, Bryon York from the Washington Examiner tweeted, “UPDATE: Speaker Pelosi has just invited President Trump to deliver SOTU next week, February 5.”

We should expect to hear from President Trump soon with a tweet! (Video Below)