Mark Meadows Breaks His Silence On Mueller’s Latest Maneuver: ‘Don’t Confuse Indictments With Collusion’

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Representative Mark Meadows, who also is Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, has some of the most keen timing when it comes to making an effective political statement.

Not too long ago, he voiced the ultimate plan to bypass Democrats and the National Emergency option to get a wall. And now, just days later, he issued a calculated response in reagrds to Special Counsel Mueller’s indictment and arrest of former Trump advisor Roger Stone.

66-year-old Roger Stone was arrested at the request of Mueller’s Grand Jury after dozens of armed FBI agents raided his home, like he was “Public Enemy #1.”

Despite the media hype surrounding Stone’s arrest, the underlying basis behind Mueller’s probe has widely been forgotten about. And that is: How does Stone’s indictment relate in any kind of way to Russian collusion by the Trump campaign?

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Mark Meadows broke his silence on Stone’s and provided quite the response, as this latest move by Mueller does not prove collusion. See Below

In a statement released on Twitter, Meadows said:

“Don’t confuse indictments with collusion. Yes, if someone lies under oath, they should be held accountable. But bottom line: it’s been 20+ months, and we have seen ZERO evidence of any Russian collusion. These Mueller moves have nothing to do with POTUS.”

In conclusion he emphasized, “There was no collusion.” See Below

Official Tweet From Mark Meadows