Trump RIPS Paul Ryan After He Failed To Deliver Legislation For Border Wall: ‘I’m Very Disappointed In Certain People’

Image Source: Video Screen Shot and Twitter. Swamp Drain Compilation

President Trump spoke in the Rose Garden on Friday afternoon where he declared a national emergency for the U.S. southern border.

The move comes after Congress failed to fix the ongoing crisis and offer a viable solution for the incoming drugs, human trafficking, gangs, and illegal immigration. (Video Below)

President Trump made it clear that he was disappointed in “certain people” for not having the guts to deal with the situation at the border.

President Trump said, “I’m very disappointed in “certain people,” one in particular, for not having pushed this faster.”

A reporter asked, “Are you referring to former Speaker Paul Ryan?”

Trump responded, “Let’s not talk about it. What difference does it make? But they should’ve pushed it faster, they should’ve pushed it harder, and they didn’t. If they would have, it would’ve been a little bit better. He added, “In the meantime, I’ve built a lot of wall. I have a lot of money, and I’ve built a lot of wall. But, it would’ve been nice to have gotten it done.” (Video Below)


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