Matt Gaetz Points Out Three National Emergencies At The Border That Solidify Trump’s Stance

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Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared for a brief interview on Fox to discuss President Trump’s latest decision to declare a national emergency.

Gaetz has been a strong advocate of President Trump’s call for a wall along the southern border, and even recently joined three other congressmen to send a joint letter to the President pleading for him to use executive authority to handle the crisis America is facing at the border.

In his interview, Gaetz backed up Trump’s national emergency declaration to obtain a “wall”, indicating there are actually three emergencies at the border.

The first emergency Gaetz touched on is the humanitarian crisis at the border. He said, “In the month of December, 20,000 children were smuggled across the border. That is a terrible humanitarian crisis.”

The second emergency Gaetz pointed out is the crime epidemic that exists as a result of an open border. He said, “ICE had to arrest 30,000 sex predators who had come across the border illegally and then committed sex crimes against our citizens.”

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The third and final emergency Gaetz pointed out deals with the drug crisis that is tied to open borders.

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Gaetz claimed, “We just seized enough fentanyl at the border to kill 115 million Americans. That’s over a third of the country. So, if drugs coming in to the country that could kill a third of the country is not a national emergency, how much does it have to be?” Video Below

Matt Gaetz Points Out Three Emergencies At The Border